氧分子网讯  最近有好事者将这期节目《平心而论》01期:中美制度大破解,上传到YouTube,引起了大量海外网友的热议和支持。

其中一名来自英国的网友这样说到:“It sound quite interesting, for so many Chinese netizens do not know the exact details of Chinese democracy. they are fooled by the massive media propaganda by the global big brothers from Washington DC and the New York City.


Zhi Fengchang zheng uploaded a new video : I’m tell you the truth of China

Zhi Fengchang zheng上传了一个新视频:告诉你一个真实的中国

A new TV programme on Chinese politic, It tells you the truth of Chinese democracy


1,Zhi Fengchang zheng:

It sound quite interesting, for so many Chinese netizens do not know the exact details of Chinese democracy. they are fooled by the massive media propaganda by the global big brothers from Washington DC and the New York City.


2,Henry Lawrence Fairmont:

People in China sing a song”without CPC,there will be no new china” But we British never think without certain parties there will be no more Britain。Because we British think both conservative party and Limbourg party are do for themselves not for the queen and the people but CPC do help Chinese become a world power


3,Henry Lawrence Fairmont:

If my children grow up,i would like to sent them to study at Peking university and other Chinese good universities after there graduation from Oxbridge。


4,Henry Lawrence Fairmont:

You know that some of my relatives now are using Chinese textbooks of maths, Chinese maths teachers do better than maths teachers of Eton and harrow.


5,Henry Lawrence Fairmont:

Under the leadership of communist government of China people can have he rights of voting regardless of there sex race education religion money.You know France and Britain are both the fine examples of western democracy .But not until the fifth Republic Francisca french women do not have the rights of woting .China has done this since 1949.


6,Henry Lawrence Fairmont:

even with the united kingdom people only after the British nation act of 1982 can people in British isles and people in British overseas territories share the same British citizenship


7,Henry Lawrence Fairmont:

I think people in Hong Kong are not gracious about their red government. when Hong Kong were a part of the British empire. they are the second class British nationals and they had to be submitted to our British but they cannot elect British parliament and be elected as British prime ministers.


8,John Douglas Washington:

In the united kingdom we British there are only 60,000,000 people and in theory we brash face less problems than Chinese. but we have the troubles in the northern Ireland and Soland wanted to divorce England last year. in fact. the difference.


9,Henry Lawrence Fairmont:

As a student of history major. I would like to point out that Chinese people enjoy a central government of high efficiency


10,Henry Lawrence Fairmont:

people in Argentina always complaint about their awful present and are always proud of their glorious past. there used to be a great economy power before them. but now they are jealous about their neighboring Chilean cousins. they share the same language same culture and same religion but achieve differently in welfare of people’s life


11,John Douglas Washington:

I am not a supporter of Augusto Pinochet 。But Chilean people do a great job despite great human rights calamity. However Chinese government is of much higher efficiency than that of loan American ones. but Chinese people and Chinese society do not meet the fierce  polarization.


12,Zhi Fengchang zheng:

I know you two brits traveled much than me and share me with your own experience of your understanding of democracy. some people scaremonger Chinese people do not enjoy democracy and the united stares always criticise Chinese human rights. well they do no criticise Singapore and Saudi Arabia. In China people can criticise the government via Weibo. well people in those two countries above.


13,John Douglas Washington:

American people always boost about their concern on human rights. They dragged all the Indian people in he special areas. like concentration camps in nazi Germany.


14,Henry Lawrence Fairmont:

I am a British subject. I am learning Chinese language now in order to read some Chinese history books for my academic study let us make a comparative analysis between democracy in China and English speaking countries.


15,Henry Lawrence Fairmont:

We British people do not enjoy full democracy until 1920s


16,Henry Lawrence Fairmont:

British women do not enjoy the equal nights of suffrage before the 20th century. even in the 19th century when we British were in the heyday only 10% of  British male population enjoy rights of voting.


17,Henry Lawrence Fairmont:

Because at that time we British think all people are created by one god。but there are two kings of people the chosen ones and the abandoned ones


18,John Douglas Washington:

As a British legal scholar who has studied Chinese law for years. i would dare to say even the difference of democracy between the UK and the US is quite big. i have been talked to my swiss friends, they think American ordinary people cannot enjoy the real democracy.


19,Henry Lawrence Fairmont:

I am a devout Anglican and i know all this. in fact without the communist government of china, Chinese people can seldom enjoy democracy.


20,John Douglas Washington:

From the present situation, Chinese policy is good, i agree with he Chinese idea “sustenance surpasses all”








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